Save $150 for roadworthies on trucks or trailers!

We perform roadworthy inspections and give out roadworthy certificates to vehicles that are safe and worthy of being on the road. We are licensed to inspect anything from a small car to the largest of trucks. We’re diesel and heavy vehicle repair experts. From individual vehicles to fleet maintenance, local businesses to long haulers, we’ve seen it all!
At Vic Diesel Repairs, our roadworthy certificate inspection involves an entire check of your motor vehicle, truck or road-registered machine to make sure that all components are working properly, including:

  • Seats, Seatbelts
  • Structure
  • Windscreen, windows, wipers, washers
  • Reflectors, lights
  • Wheels, tyres
  • Braking, steering, suspension

We know exactly what we’re looking at to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

For a limited time only, we’re slashing prices on roadworthy certificates.

Save $150 for roadworthies on trucks or trailers!

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